Our Chat with Kathryn Thomas


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Kathryn Thomas is a presenter on RTEs major TV shows, and now she is setting her sights to her new business venture – Pure Results Bootcamp. We sat down for a chat with Kath!

When did you start making waves in your career?

No Frontiers was a huge springboard for my career. It put me on the map – literally, haha!! But I would say the show where I feel like I’ve made an impact on a National level is Operation Transformation. And to be quite honest, Operation Transformation has made a huge impact on me! It has changed how I view my own health, fitness and nutrition! I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning…

And of course I absolutely love presenting The Voice of Ireland, again I am part of a programme that can change people’s lives. It is so much fun, and you never know what’s going to happen with that panel of judges, ha!

You’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years, but also physically you have taken on some big challenges…

Well over the years, I’ve had opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone. I think it is so important for people to do that. I climbed Kilimanjaro, did the Iron Man Triathlon, did yoga retreats in India and then in the last two years I went to various bootcamps in Spain, France, and America! I went to the bootcamp in Spain with my best friend, with an aim to lose a maximum of 7lbs, and I lost 10lbs!

We’re so excited about your new venture Pure Results Bootcamp. How did this come about?

After that bootcamp in Spain, I knew I wanted to bring it to Ireland. I was also delighted when our friends and supporters in Great Outdoors decided to come on board as sponsors! I travelled the length and breadth of the country and finally came to Inish Beg. It has everything I want for a retreat, with all the amenities I need for my classes. For our day trips and evening excursions we can just hop on the boat over to Sherkin island for circuits on the beach or a hike up the forest!

Who would the bootcamp suit?

Well at the moment we have quite a mix of clients. We have a couple of mature fitness fanatics, new Mums (8/9 months) brides to be, and people just wanting to kickstart their fitness again. A lot of clients say they want to “get away” and push themselves – do something they never thought they would do!

We mix a lot of high intensity with low intensity workouts during the day, as well as evening activities – like yoga, hillwalking, and motivational talks with our life coach Niall!

I am SO excited to bring everyone down and experience their own personal transformations! There are 6 weeks altogether. The first camp is in April (17th – 24th) and the last camp is in June.

…And will you be there?

I will definitely be there and I want to have a huge presence there. This is my brainchild and I am going to make sure our clients have the best experience they possibly can! I will also be supplying HUGS and pep talks!

What does being an Irish career woman, and a business woman mean to you?

Firstly, being an Irish career woman means being free, strong, fun, vocal, opinionated, and driven. To be a woman is business is not easy. You have to push hard for what you want, and you have to be tough and resilient, and put yourself out there. Since starting my business I have encountered so many obstacles and it has being a learning curve – absolutely!

I have huge admiration for women who push themselves out of their comfort zone and start something new – be it a new role, or indeed a new business.

So is this the start of Kathryn Thomas the business woman … and the end of Kathryn Thomas – the blonde beauty on our screens?

My first passion is presenting and being in media, and as long as people want me on their screens I will be there! I get such a buzz from being in front of an audience, and I love how varied life can be on TV.

I see my new venture with Pure Results Bootcamp as a new avenue where I can hone all of my experience and interests – and bring something new to Ireland!

That sounds right up our street! Now we know what it is, can you tell us ..

What do we get?

You get a pre-consultation with our diet and nutrition expert, followed by 7 days at the residential camp, followed by a 2 week after care programme.

Who will be there? (apart from clients)

Our trainers Dave Kenny (personal trainer built like a house!), Robyn Fitzsimons (fitness instructor) Niall O’Callaghan (personal trainer and life coach) Jennifer O’Callaghan (expert nutritionist and wellbeing coach), our on-site chef…plus, me and my doggies!!

Where is will take place?

On the beautiful island of Inish Beg – between Skibereen and Baltimore . We also take day trips out to Sherkin Island via boats, and go hill-walking through the forest up the hill trails!

How much does it cost?

For the camps in April, clients can avail of our offer of €999 p/p sharing

For the camps in May and June, it is €1199 p/p sharing and we have a really convenient payment installment plan set up.

How do we book?


You can book

  1. Directly through the site pureresutsbootcamp.com/book
  2. Call me or Aisling on 087 441 7090
  3. Email info@pureresultsbootcamp.com or aisling@pureresultsbootcamp.com

You can keep up to date with our fitness videos and nutrition facts and info on

Tw: www.twitter.com @pureresults_ie, FB: www.facebook.com/pureresultsbootcamp and Instagram: www.instagram.com/pureresultsbootcamp

What is your mantra for life?

Appreciate every day like it is your last and give as much love to those around you as you can!



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