Avoid getting ‘snackered’ in work with Deliveroo!

There’s a lot that goes into creating a happy, healthy working environment. Some say everyone should have a plant by their desk, that good lighting is crucial, that the most expensive ergonomic chair makes all the difference.

The truth is there’s no secret formula, but most people will agree that nothing is more important for workplace wellbeing than eating properly.


Recent research commissioned by a well-known snack brand revealed that while 72 percent of office workers start their day with a substantial and energised breakfast, they will still end up taking two snack breaks throughout the day when they become “snackered”.

We all know about the 11am and 3pm slumps, when hunger pangs creep in and concentration dips; when you start to stare through your computer screen rather than at it.

According to the study, over 30 percent of workers are unable to listen properly when they get hungry and up to 28 percent admitted to “lashing out” at colleagues or their bosses when a lack of energy due to bad eating habits set in – no one likes a hangry workmate.

So, with deadlines, targets, meetings and pitches taking priority, how can you keep on top of your health and wellbeing if you don’t have time to sneak out and queue at the nearest salad bar? Well, the obvious answer is to make yourself a healthy packed lunch each night – one that is filled out with lots of veg and maybe a small bit of slow-release carbs.

But we all know the reality, and how that is easier said than done – you’ve got to iron tomorrow’s trousers and you have emails to check before bed. And of course it gets worse if you have kids – only if you’re lucky will your husband, wife or partner be able to get their lunch organised and get up earlier to get them dressed for school.

Of course having lunch delivered to the office has long been a possibility, but only since Deliveroo arrived in Ireland earlier this year has there been such an array of good quality, fresh and healthy food options up for grabs for all the desk-bound workers of Dublin and Cork (and soon Galway, Belfast and who knows where else!).

Across the UK and Ireland we already have 12,000 corporate customers who have transformed their eating habits. They have forever binned their sad tuna sandwiches and at the click of a mouse now enjoy food that is flavoursome, filling and cooked fresh from a range of the best restaurants around – and it’s delivered straight to their desks.

As well as keeping you well fed, we can save you time and hassle too – in the next few weeks we’re launching a new corporate website so that whole companies can order lunch together under one account. Organise food for meetings, office parties, and have everything invoiced with all admin taken care of by us.

Make your office the healthiest and happiest around – join the Deliveroo food revolution.

Get in touch – offices@deliveroo.ie

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