What We Do

Conference and Event Production

What we do and why we do it!

Conference RoomZoom In knows how to bring an idea for an event or delegation to fruition. With years of experience in conference production and management, the events team has the expertise you are looking for.

We carry out extensive market research on the subject matter being delivered so that we can best market the event and target the specific audience.

Delegates have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers as well as expert commentators on subject areas relevant to each of their professions which, in our experience, results in the satisfaction of delegates and their respective companies.

Other areas of our Business!

We have experience in the following event management services:

  • Conference, seminar, forum, master-class-planning and management, securing sponsorship
  • Fundraising – consulting and fundraiser management
  • Sports events – tournament organisation, events & trips
  • PR, Marketing & promotions for all of the above categories

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us in further detail, please contact us.

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